Sweating is the candle making term that refers to the beading or puddles of oil sitting on the surface of the candle. There are many reasons why "sweating" occurs in candles, but often it’s a combination of several factors.

If you have candles, you can avoid sweating by keeping your candles away from drafts, direct sunlight, and rooms with temperature variations.

soycandle growth flawsThe candle-maker mucks up!

Unknowingly candle-makers can cause sweating in candles via these common mistakes:

  • Adding fragrance oil at too low a temperature [wax congeals, and fragrance oil does not disperse evenly];
  • Not stirring the fragrance oil for sufficiently long enough into wax [same as above];
  • Choosing fragrance oil that is not suited to the wax [chemical reaction]; or
  • Exceeding the wax suppliers recommendation for fragrance load - ratio fragrance oil to wax weight [the fragrance oil does not fully bind into the wax].

When these problems occur, you’ll know!

If you are using soy wax, your candle will be somewhat spongy and oily to touch, and it’s likely you will have oil sitting on the bottom of the container and oozing (sweating) on the top.

In votive and pillar candles (soy blends, palm and paraffin waxes) if there is an excess of oil, it will mix with the candle dye used and bleed out. A small amount of Stearic Acid (about 3%) blended into the melted wax before pouring will help retain the oils.

If sweating does occur mop up the excess oil with a paper towel and repeat as often as needed till the candle is dry. Note: dyes can stain so be careful not to get the oils onto your hands.

If this happens, please do not burn the candle - if the oil comes into direct contact with the naked candlewick flame, it can pose a severe fire risk.

When it's NOT the candle-makers fault!

Some waxes such as soy are sensitive, and if exposed to fluctuating changes in temperatures, the natural oils will cause the fragrance to separate from the wax causing sweating in the candle.

This type of sweating does not affect the quality of the candle, its burn, or scent throw. Simply wipe excess oil off with a tissue or paper towel and light your candle and enjoy the aroma!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

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